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Halloween Characters
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HA20-02 Skull Raven PedestalHA20-02 Skull Raven PedestalNEW FOR 2018!  A great Halloween decoration.
HA26-02 Winifred WitchHA26-02  Winifred  WitchNEW FOR 2018!  This 26" sitting Witch is a great Halloween decoration.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HA26-03 Meden WitchHA26-03  Meden  WitchNEW FOR 2018!  A 26" scary Halloween Witch.
HA26-04 Evanora WitchHA26-04  Evanora  WitchNEW FOR 2018!  A great 26" sitting Halloween Witch.
HA42-01 Glinden WitchHA42-01 Glinden WitchNEW FOR 2018!  This whimsical Halloween Witch will make you smile.
HA48-01 Ravenwood WitchHA48-01  Ravenwood WitchNEW FOR 2018!  Ravenwood Witch is sure to be a Halloween collectors piece.
HA48-02 Jadis WitchHA48-02  Jadis WitchNEW FOR 2018!  This 55" high Witch is a great Halloween piece.
HA48-04 Alizon WitchHA48-04 Alizon  WitchNEW FOR 2018!  A posable 44" high Halloween Witch.
HASB-01 Lighted Salina WitchHASB-01  Lighted Salina WitchNEW FOR 2018!  This eerie Halloween Shadowbox is a great ghostly decoration.  NOTE:  Salina is attached to the Shadowbox.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HASB-02 Lighted Cassandra WitchHASB-02   Lighted Cassandra WitchNEW FOR 2018!  This wicked Witch Shadowbox will make everyone smile?  NOTE:  Cassandra is attached to the Shadowbox.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HASC-02 Lighted Agnes WitchHASC-02  Lighted Agnes WitchNEW FOR 2018!   A lighted jack-o-lantern grin!