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19" & 20" Santas
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CC18-16 Lighted Days Til Christmas SantaCC18-16  Lighted Days Til Christmas SantaA fun advent Santa for the family.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC18-17 Crystal Elegance SantaCC18-17  Crystal Elegance SantaA dramatic Crystal Elegance Santa.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC18-23 Mixed Metal SantaCC18-23 Mixed Metal SantaA beautifully unique Santa for the collector.
CC18-27 Lighted Natural Elegance SantaCC18-27 Lighted Natural Elegance SantaNEW FOR 2018!  An elegant Reindeer theme Santa.
CC18-29 Bergundy Jewel SantaCC18-29  Bergundy Jewel SantaNEW FOR 2018!  An elegant Santa dressed in burgundy velvet.
CC18-30 Shimmer & Shine SantaCC18-30 Shimmer & Shine SantaNEW FOR 2018!  An elegant silver and crystal Santa.
CC18-31 Majestic Jewel SantaCC18-31  Majestic Jewel SantaNEW FOR 2019!  This Santa believes in the Wonders of Christmas.   ****AVAILABLE IN AUGUST****
CC18-32 Royal Elegance SantaCC18-32  Royal Elegance SantaNEW FOR 2018!  Santa wears beautiful Royal Purple velvet.    ****DELAYED ARRIVAL - AVAILABLE END OF JULY****
CC18-33 Peacock SantaCC18-33  Peacock SantaNEW FOR 2018!  Santa holds a beautiful Peacock bird.   ****AVAILABLE IN AUGUST****
CC18-34 Lighted Christmas Tartan SantaCC18-34  Lighted Christmas Tartan SantaNEW FOR 2018!  The perfect Santa and Lighted Christmas Tree decoration.  ****AVAILABLE IN AUGUST****
CC18-35 Lighted Elk Staff SantaCC18-35  Lighted Elk Staff SantaNEW FOR 2018!  A beautifully dressed Santa for your collection.  NOTE:  Santa does NOT come in the Gold Shadowbox Frame.
CC20-48 Lighted Woodland SantaCC20-48 Lighted Woodland SantaThis beautiful Lighted Woodland Santa is a great decorating piece.   ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE JULY 30****
CC20-49 Lighted Vintage Gift Bag SantaCC20-49 Lighted Vintage Gift Bag Santa2018 SPECIAL!  This Lighted Vintage Gift Bag Santa is the perfect piece to add to your holiday collection. 
CC20-55A Old World SantaCC20-55A Old World SantaThis Old World Santa is sure to become an heirloom piece.    ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE JULY 30****
CC22-01 Cream Christmas Greetings SantaCC22-01 Cream Christmas Greetings SantaAn elegant Santa Clause. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC22-02 Red Christmas Greetings SantaCC22-02 Red Christmas Greetings SantaA classic Santa Clause for all ages.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
SC-04LE Vintage Marionette SantaSC-04LE Vintage Marionette Santa2018 SPECIAL!  Truly a unique LIMIED EDITION collectors piece.  NOTE: This piece  is signed by Karen Didion. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
SC-08 Lighted Vintage Sleigh SantaSC-08 Lighted Vintage Sleigh SantaA beautiful collectible Santa.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
SC-15LE Lighted Gingerbread House SantaSC-15LE Lighted Gingerbread House Santa2018 SPECIAL!  This is a fun family LIMITED EDITION heirloom collectible.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion.  Santa is attached to the lighted Gingerbread House.
SC-16LE "All The Trimmings" Lighted SantaSC-16LE "All The Trimmings"  Lighted  Santa2018 SPECIAL!  What a great collectible LIMITED EDITION Santa!  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion. 
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