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Kitchen Santas


All plans for celebrating the holidays start in the kitchen--the gathering place for family and friends.  Start the holiday celebrations with the
MRS. KITCHEN CLAUS with her Gingerbread Recipe Card, CC16-199, and

These collectible Christmas figures are sure to add conversation to your kitchen and dining areas.  

CC12-31 Kitchen SantaCC12-31 Kitchen SantaA fun Kitchen Chef Santa.   ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE JULY 15, 2021****
CC12-39 Baking Traditions SantaCC12-39 Baking Traditions SantaA great Christmas Chef Santa for the cookbook collector. 
CC15-03 Midnight Snack Rocking Chair SantaCC15-03 Midnight Snack Rocking Chair SantaLook at Santa's cute Rudolf Reindeer slippers!  NOTE:  Santa is attached to the rocking chair. 
CC16-110  Milk & Cookies SantaCC16-110 Milk & Cookies SantaA whimsical Milk & Cookies Santa for the family.
CC16-198  Cookies Galore SantaCC16-198 Cookies Galore SantaThe perfect Chef Santa to add to your Gingerbread collection.
CC16-199  Mrs. Kitchen ClausCC16-199 Mrs. Kitchen ClausMrs. Claus will share her Gingerbread Cookie recipe with you.  ****AVAILABLE END OF SEPTEMBER 2021****
CC16-210 Baking Cookies SantaCC16-210 Baking Cookies SantaThe perfect Santa Chef for your kitchen. 
CC16-211 Gingerbread Fun SantaCC16-211 Gingerbread Fun SantaA collectible Gingerbread Santa for your kitchen. 
CC16-231 Lighted Yum Yum Cookies SantaCC16-231 Lighted Yum Yum Cookies SantaNEW FOR 2021!  The perfect Santa for your Christmas kitchen. 
CC16-232 Grandma's Homemade GoodiesCC16-232 Grandma's Homemade GoodiesNEW FOR 2021!  This Grandma will make you smile! 
CC16-67 Coffee SantaCC16-67 Coffee SantaThis Santa is perfect for the "coffee lover" in your family.
CC18-22 Lighted Tuscan Cuisiine SantaCC18-22 Lighted Tuscan Cuisiine SantaA Tuscan Cuisine Santa for your kitchen.  
CC18-44 Whimsical Gingerbread SantaCC18-44 Whimsical Gingerbread SantaA whimsical Gingerbread Santa. 
CC36-20 Baking Up Goodies SantaCC36-20 Baking Up Goodies SantaA Gingerbread Santa for your kitchen. 
SC-50 Lighted Rolling Out SantaSC-50 Lighted Rolling Out SantaA great collectible kitchen Santa.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion.   ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE JULY 15, 2021****
SC-57  Lighted Gingerbread Santa BagSC-57 Lighted Gingerbread Santa BagNEW FOR 2021!  A great conversation piece for your Christmas Kitchen.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion. 
TB-02 Lighted Gingergbread Magic ToyTB-02 Lighted Gingergbread Magic ToyA great Lighted Gingerbread decoration for your kitchen.  ****SOLD OUT FOR CHRISTMAS 2021****