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Kitchen Santas

Kitchen Santa Collection by Karen Didion

All plans for celebrating the holidays start in the kitchen--the gathering place for family and friends.  Start the holiday celebrations with these whimsical  "Cooking with Wine Santa" and "Cookies for Santa" collectibles by Karen Didion and, of course, the famous "Midnight Snack Santa."  They are sure to add merriment to your kitchen and dining areas.  The Margarita, Martini, Wine and Whiskey will be topped off with that famous cup of Coffee and NEW "Gingerbread House Santa".   These Christmas Santa figures are sure to add conversation to your bar or kitchen.  These collectible Santa dolls are perfect for holiday decorating and make great holiday gifts.  What more can be said, "Cheers!"    

CC12-21 Popcorn SantaCC12-21 Popcorn SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A great addition to your kitchen, bar or game room.
CC14-05 Wine Bottle Holder SantaCC14-05 Wine Bottle Holder SantaA great Wine Bottle Holder Santa for your bar and/or kitchen.  NOTE:  The bottle of wine shown is for display only.  ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE AUGUST 2015****
CC14-06 Cork Barrel SantaCC14-06 Cork Barrel SantaA great gift for the serious wine collector.  ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE AUGUST 2015****
CC16-100 Lighted Tuscan Cuisine SantaCC16-100 Lighted Tuscan Cuisine SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A fun Santa for your kitchen. 
CC16-101  Gingerbread Magic SantaCC16-101 Gingerbread Magic SantaNEW FOR 2015!  The perfect Santa for the Gingerbread lover in your family. 
CC16-102  Lighted Wine & Friends SantaCC16-102 Lighted Wine & Friends SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A beautiful collectible Santa.
CC16-50 Fiesta SantaCC16-50 Fiesta Santa16" tall free standing whimsical Santa is holding a Margarita glass and Pinata and is ready to party. 
CC16-67 Coffee SantaCC16-67 Coffee SantaThis Coffee Santa is perfect for the "coffee lover" in your family.
CC16-76 Cooking with Wine SantaCC16-76 Cooking with Wine SantaA whimsical Santa to add merriment to your kitchen.
CC16-83WE Lying Midnight Snack SantaCC16-83WE Lying Midnight Snack SantaA fun Santa for the family kitchen or bar! 
CC16-85 Tuscan Wine SantaCC16-85 Tuscan Wine SantaThis 16" Tuscan Wine Santa is the perfect addition to your bar and/or kitchen.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC16-87 Wine & Foods SantaCC16-87 Wine & Foods SantaThe perfect Santa to add to your holiday festivities.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC16-88 Basket of Cheer SantaCC16-88 Basket of Cheer SantaAn elegant wine Santa to add to your bar and/or kitchen area.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC16-94 Margarita Beach SantaCC16-94 Margarita Beach SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A whimsical Beach Santa to make you smile! 
CC16-96  Lighted Wine SantaCC16-96 Lighted Wine SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A great Santa for your bar or kitchen.
CC16-97 Martini Mixer SantaCC16-97 Martini Mixer SantaNEW FOR 2015!  Santa is raising his Martini glass to cheer on the holidays.
CC16-98  Wine Time SantaCC16-98 Wine Time SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A fun Santa for the bar or kitchen.
CC17-04 Wine Cellar SantaCC17-04 Wine Cellar SantaThis 18.5" tall collectible Wine Cellar Santa stands beside his "Wine Cellar" filled with bottles of red and white wines. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC17-17 Lighted Wine Red SantaCC17-17 Lighted Wine Red SantaHe raises his glass to cheer one and all!
CC18-09 Lying Down With Wine SantaCC18-09 Lying Down With Wine SantaA great addition to your kitchen and/or bar decorating.
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