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Everyday Collection

Everyday Collection by Karen Didion

These collectible whimsical figures in the Everyday Collection by Karen Didion will add that special touch to your home 365 days of the year.  They are constructed with the same careful attention to the clothing and accessories as the Santas.  Here is the perfect gift for the golfer in your family to decorate his office.  These collectibles will add conversation to your bar and kitchen and are perfect for giving as a gift.

ED12-01 Wine BartenderED12-01 Wine Bartender2017 SPECIAL!  A whimsical Bartender to add fun to your bar and/or kitchen. 
ED12-02 Beer BartenderED12-02 Beer Bartender2017 SPECIAL!  This Beer Bartender is sure to add a smile to your bar and/or kitchen. 
ED12-03 Martini BartenderED12-03 Martini Bartender2017 SPECIAL!  Who says Bartenders don't have fun? 
ED12-04 Magarita BartenderED12-04 Magarita Bartender2017 SPECIAL!  A fun way to celebrate with this whimsical Margarita Bartender.
ED14-05 Wine Bottle HolderED14-05 Wine Bottle HolderA fun wine bottle holder to decorate your bar and/or kitchen.  NOTE:  The bottle of wine is for display only. 
ED16-04 17" SommelierED16-04 17" SommelierThis 17" tall free standing whimsical Sommelier figure will make the serious wine connoisseur smile. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
ED16-05 16" GolferED16-05 16" GolferThis 16" tall free standing whimsical Golfer figure is sure to put a smile on the #1 golfer in your family.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
ED16-07 16" Tuscan KitchenED16-07 16" Tuscan KitchenThis 16" tall free standing whimsical Tuscan Kitchen figure is the perfect decoration for your kitchen.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
ED18-01 Lighted Wine SommelierED18-01 Lighted Wine SommelierThis Lighted Wine Sommelier is perfect for your bar and/or kitchen. 
EDBC-01 Cork Collector Bottle HolderEDBC-01 Cork Collector Bottle HolderThis Cork Collector Bottle Holder not only holds a bottle of wine but stores your favorite wine corks.  NOTE:  The bottle of wine shown is for display purposes only.
EDBH-01 5 Bottle Wine Holder RackEDBH-01 5 Bottle Wine Holder RackThis 5 Bottle Wine Holder Rack is a great way to store your wine.  NOTE:  The wine bottles are for display purposes only. 
EDSC-01  Wine Delivery 2PC TrainEDSC-01 Wine Delivery 2PC Train2017 SPECIAL!  Cho, cho, here comes the Wine Train!
EDWT-02 4 Bottle Wine TrikeEDWT-02 4 Bottle Wine TrikeThis wine trike is perfect for your bar and/or kitchen.  NOTE:  The wine bottles do not come with the figure, they are for display only.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
SD-JDH Jack's Distillery SkeletonSD-JDH Jack's Distillery Skeleton2017 SPECIAL!  A fun figure for your bar and/or kitchen.
SDF 04 Uncle SamSDF 04 Uncle Sam2017 SPECIAL!  Uncle Sam is a great holiday decoration.
SDF 05 BakerSDF 05 Baker2017 SPECIAL!  A fun Baker for your kitchen.
SE12-01 Griller KingSE12-01 Griller King2017 SPECIAL!  Definitely a conversation piece.
SE12-02 Fiesta Margarita ManSE12-02 Fiesta Margarita Man2017 SPECIAL!  A fun Fiesta Man for your bar and/or kitchen.
SE12-05 Beach TouristSE12-05 Beach Tourist2017 SPECIAL!  A whimsical decoration for your bar and/or kitchen.