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Halloween Characters

These whimsical Halloween Characters are perfect for decorating your home for "Trick or Treat" time!  Karen's NEW collect of scary Witches will have you screaming "trick or treat".  The potions served by these collectibles:  witch, skeleton and mummy will keep the conversation flowing throughout the holiday!  Simply choose your favorite Halloween Character and "treat" yourself to some "tricks!"  Hee, hee!

HA20-02 Skull Raven PedestalHA20-02 Skull Raven PedestalNEW FOR 2018!  A great Halloween decoration.
HA26-02  Winifred  WitchHA26-02 Winifred WitchNEW FOR 2018!  This 26" sitting Witch is a great Halloween decoration.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HA26-03  Meden  WitchHA26-03 Meden WitchNEW FOR 2018!  A 26" scary Halloween Witch.
HA26-04  Evanora  WitchHA26-04 Evanora WitchNEW FOR 2018!  A great 26" sitting Halloween Witch.
HA42-01 Glinden WitchHA42-01 Glinden WitchNEW FOR 2018!  This whimsical Halloween Witch will make you smile.
HA48-01  Ravenwood WitchHA48-01 Ravenwood WitchNEW FOR 2018!  Ravenwood Witch is sure to be a Halloween collectors piece.
HA48-02  Jadis WitchHA48-02 Jadis WitchNEW FOR 2018!  This 55" high Witch is a great Halloween piece.
HA48-04 Alizon  WitchHA48-04 Alizon WitchNEW FOR 2018!  A posable 44" high Halloween Witch.
HASB-01  Lighted Salina WitchHASB-01 Lighted Salina WitchNEW FOR 2018!  This eerie Halloween Shadowbox is a great ghostly decoration.  NOTE:  Salina is attached to the Shadowbox.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HASB-02   Lighted Cassandra WitchHASB-02 Lighted Cassandra WitchNEW FOR 2018!  This wicked Witch Shadowbox will make everyone smile?  NOTE:  Cassandra is attached to the Shadowbox.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HASC-02  Lighted Agnes WitchHASC-02 Lighted Agnes WitchNEW FOR 2018!   A lighted jack-o-lantern grin!