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Halloween Characters

These whimsical Halloween Characters are perfect for decorating your home for "Trick or Treat" time!  Karen's NEW collect of scary Witches will have you screaming "trick or treat".  The potions served by these collectibles:  witches and skeletons will keep the conversation flowing throughout the holiday!  Simply choose your favorite Halloween Character and "treat" yourself to some "tricks!"  Hee, hee!

HA-011 Lighted Spooktacular TreeHA-011 Lighted Spooktacular TreeA fun Halloween decoration! 
HA18-02  Lighted Pumpkin Glow WitchHA18-02 Lighted Pumpkin Glow WitchThis collectible Witch will bat her eyelashes at you!
HA18-03  Candy Corn WitchHA18-03 Candy Corn WitchA cute Candy Corn Witch!
HA18-04  Latte WitchHA18-04 Latte WitchShe is starting her day with a Latte!
HA18-05  Lighted Trick or Treat WitchHA18-05 Lighted Trick or Treat WitchShe will share her witchy cookies with you.
HA18-06  Kitchen WitchHA18-06 Kitchen WitchThe perfect Witch for your kitchen.
HA18-07  Lighted Fall Harvest WitchHA18-07 Lighted Fall Harvest WitchThe perfect Witch for Harvest time.
HA18-17 Spooky Hallowskeleton ChairHA18-17 Spooky Hallowskeleton ChairA great grinning Skeleton for Halloween.   ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HA18-19 Eva WitchHA18-19 Eva WitchEvery Witch should carry a Crow in her handbag. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HA18-22 Percy & Lily Skeleton PairHA18-22 Percy & Lily Skeleton PairA wonderful eerie couple for Halloween.
HA26-05 Winston and  Victoria Skeleton PedestalsHA26-05 Winston and Victoria Skeleton PedestalsEerie pieces for your Halloween decorating.
HA26-06 Peacock Sitting WitchHA26-06 Peacock Sitting WitchA beautifully colored Peacock Witch.  NOTE:  The wooden stool is for display only. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HA26-07 Amber Sitting WitchHA26-07 Amber Sitting WitchA beautiful Amber Spider on this Witch.  NOTE:  The wooden stool is for display only.   ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HA26-08 Platinum Sitting WitchHA26-08 Platinum Sitting WitchShe wears a beautiful Black Widow Spider.  NOTE:  The wooden stool is for display only. 
HA38-01  Edward and Angelica Skeleton CoupleHA38-01 Edward and Angelica Skeleton CoupleWhat a frightful Halloween Couple! 
HA48-01  Ravenwood WitchHA48-01 Ravenwood WitchRavenwood Witch is sure to be a Halloween collectors piece.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HA48-08 Black Widow WitchHA48-08 Black Widow WitchA MAGNIFICENTLY dressed Black Widow Witch.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****