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17" & 18"  Santas

17" & 18" Theme Santas

The adorable NEW "Gingerbread House Santa" will delight all the gingerbread chefs in your family, the perfect addition to your holiday kitchen .  The NEW whimsical "Toast to Tacky Santa", "Gift Package Santa" and "Snowman Santa" are sure to add merriment to your home with their unusual head decorations.  The NEW "Santa Head Wall or Door Hanger" is a great Christmas collectible.   These Santas make the perfect gift for that special person in your life.
CC16-103  Woodland Noel SantaCC16-103 Woodland Noel SantaThe perfect Santa for the nature lover. 
CC16-105 Lighted Winter Fun SantaCC16-105 Lighted Winter Fun SantaThis Santa will make you smile all winter. 
CC16-106  Merry Christmas SantaCC16-106 Merry Christmas Santa2017 SPECIAL!  A special "Merry Christmas" Santa to add to your collection.
CC16-107 Lighted Nutcracker SantaCC16-107 Lighted Nutcracker Santa2017 SPECIAL!  A great Santa for the Nutcracker collector.
CC16-109 Vintage Evergreen SantaCC16-109 Vintage Evergreen SantaA fun Santa with toys for decorating.
CC16-110  Milk & Cookies SantaCC16-110 Milk & Cookies SantaA whimsical Milk & Cookies Santa for the family.
CC16-111 Beary Christmas SantaCC16-111 Beary Christmas SantaThis Beary Christmas Santa is perfect for the teddy bear lover.
CC16-113 Lighted Woodland Elegance SantaCC16-113 Lighted Woodland Elegance SantaA great Lighted Woodland Elegance Santa!
CC16-114 Lighted Eiffel Elegance SantaCC16-114 Lighted Eiffel Elegance SantaA whimsical French Santa.
CC16-115  New Tuscan Kitchen SantaCC16-115 New Tuscan Kitchen SantaA great Santa for the chef in your family.
CC16-118 Lighted Woodland Embroidery SantaCC16-118 Lighted Woodland Embroidery SantaA wonderful Santa for the nature lover.
CC16-120 Lighted Wine SantaCC16-120 Lighted Wine SantaA great Santa for your bar or kitchen.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC16-121 Midnight Snack SantaCC16-121 Midnight Snack SantaSanta and his teddy bear wear matching pajamas.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC16-124  Vintage Christmas Believe SantaCC16-124 Vintage Christmas Believe SantaA beautiful addition to your Santa collection.
CC16-125 Mountaineer SantaCC16-125 Mountaineer SantaA perfect Santa for the outdoor lover.
CC16-126 Winter Serenity SantaCC16-126 Winter Serenity SantaSanta and his holiday bird friends.
CC16-128 Christmas Cookies SantaCC16-128 Christmas Cookies SantaEvery pastry chief will want this kitchen Santa.
CC16-130 Movie Time SantaCC16-130 Movie Time SantaIts Movie Time for Santa. 
CC16-131 Christmas Delight SantaCC16-131 Christmas Delight SantaA traditional Santa Clause doll.
CC16-132 Basket of CheerCC16-132 Basket of CheerA great addition to your kitchen or bar.
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