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17" & 18"  Santas
The traditional LIGHTED BERRY WREATH SANTA, CC16-213, is a great addition to your family decorating.  The new Christmas Chefs--BAKING COOKIES SANTA, CC16-210, and GINGERBREAD FUN SANTA, CC16-211--will make everyone in your family smile.   These Santas make the perfect gift for that special person in your life.
CC16-210 Baking Cookies SantaCC16-210 Baking Cookies SantaNEW FOR 2020!  The perfect Santa Chef for your kitchen. 
CC16-211 Gingerbread Fun SantaCC16-211 Gingerbread Fun SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A collectible Gingerbread Santa for your kitchen. 
CC16-212 Lighted Coastal Swag SantaCC16-212 Lighted Coastal Swag SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A great seaside Santa! 
CC16-213 Lighted Berry Wreath SantaCC16-213 Lighted Berry Wreath SantaNEW FOR 2020!  This is a "Merry Christmas" Santa!
CC16-214 Lighted Wine Blocks SantaCC16-214 Lighted Wine Blocks SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A fun wine Santa for the bar. 
CC16-215 Lighted Gifts Galore SantaCC16-215 Lighted Gifts Galore SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A traditional Christmas Santa.
CC16-216 Sparkling Burgundy Wine SantaCC16-216 Sparkling Burgundy Wine SantaNEW FOR 2020!  Definitely a "I want that Santa!" 
CC16-217 Lighted Candy Cane Gift Bag SantaCC16-217 Lighted Candy Cane Gift Bag SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A traditional Santa with his bag of toys. 
CC16-218 Toymaker SantaCC16-218 Toymaker SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A fun Santa for all ages. 
CC16-219 Red Coat Seashell SantaCC16-219 Red Coat Seashell SantaNEW FOR 2020!  An elegant Santa for your seaside home. 
CC16-48 German SantaCC16-48 German SantaA traditional German Santa.
CC16-50 Fiesta SantaCC16-50 Fiesta SantaThis Fiesta Santa is ready to party. 
CC16-61 Cowboy SantaCC16-61 Cowboy SantaSanta is ready to celebrate a Cowboy Christmas!
CC16-67 Coffee SantaCC16-67 Coffee SantaThis Santa is perfect for the "coffee lover" in your family. 
CC16-94 Margarita Beach SantaCC16-94 Margarita Beach SantaA whimsical Beach Santa to make you smile! 
CC18-06R Woodland Glimmer SantaCC18-06R Woodland Glimmer SantaA beautiful addition to your holiday decorating. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC18-22 Lighted Tuscan Cuisiine SantaCC18-22 Lighted Tuscan Cuisiine SantaA Tuscan Cuisine Santa for your kitchen. 
CC18-43 Lighted Ho Ho Ho SantaCC18-43 Lighted Ho Ho Ho SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A traditional Christmas Eve Santa. 
SC-40 Attic Treasures SantaSC-40 Attic Treasures SantaSanta Clause and his Christmas toys.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
SC-47 Lighted Good Saint Nick ChimneySC-47 Lighted Good Saint Nick ChimneySaint Nick is ready to deliver toys and presents.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion.
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