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Lighted Santas & Friends

Karen Didion has added the NEW "Lighted Wine and Gifts Santa" who is holding a lighted black lantern, and the NEW "Lighted Woodland Emerald Santa" who is holding a lighted Reindeer lantern to her 2018 Lighted Holiday Collection. 

The exquisitely detailed NEW "Lighted Merry Christmas Train" Santa Clause has a lighted Christmas Tree, a great collector's piece.  This piece is signed by Karen Didion. 
CC16-105 Lighted Winter Fun SantaCC16-105 Lighted Winter Fun Santa2018 SPECIAL!  This Santa will make you smile all winter. 
CC16-113 Lighted Woodland Elegance SantaCC16-113 Lighted Woodland Elegance SantaA great Lighted Woodland Elegance Santa! 
CC16-114 Lighted Eiffel Elegance SantaCC16-114 Lighted Eiffel Elegance Santa2018 SPECIAL!  A whimsical French Santa.
CC16-118 Lighted Woodland Embroidery SantaCC16-118 Lighted Woodland Embroidery SantaA wonderful Santa for the nature lover.  NOTE:  2 button batteries for the Christmas Tree are included with the Santa.
CC16-136 Red Santa with Lighted TreeCC16-136 Red Santa with Lighted TreeFinalize your holiday decorating with this beautiful Santa.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC16-142 Lighted Golden Glimmer Santa with RCC16-142 Lighted Golden Glimmer Santa with RA beautiful Santa for holiday decorating. Battery operated lights.
CC16-143  Lighted Burgundy and Gold Santa with RCC16-143 Lighted Burgundy and Gold Santa with RAn elegant Lighted Santa for your home.  ****SOLD OUT****
CC16-148 Lighted Silver and Gold Santa RCC16-148 Lighted Silver and Gold Santa RAn elegant Santa with battery lighted Christmas Tree. 
CC16-154 Purple Santa with Lighted TreeCC16-154 Purple Santa with Lighted TreeA great Santa to add to your collection.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC16-158 Lighted Burgundy Santa RCC16-158 Lighted Burgundy Santa RThe perfect battery lighted Santa for your holiday decorating. 
CC16-165 Lighted Midnight Elegance SantaCC16-165 Lighted Midnight Elegance SantaNEW FOR 2018!  Santa holds an Owl and lighted Christmas Tree.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC16-166 Lighted Wine and Gifts SantaCC16-166 Lighted Wine and Gifts SantaNEW FOR 2018!  The perfect Santa for your holiday decorating. 
CC16-168 Lighted Napping SantaCC16-168 Lighted Napping SantaNEW FOR 2018!  This Napping Santa is a fun decorating piece.
CC16-169  Lighted Christmas Eve SantaCC16-169 Lighted Christmas Eve SantaNEW FOR 2018!  A great Christmas Eve Santa with toys. 
CC16-170  Lighted Christmas Countdown SantaCC16-170 Lighted Christmas Countdown SantaNEW FOR 2018!  This shelf sitting Santa is a great collectible.
CC16-178  Lighted Woodland Friends SantaCC16-178 Lighted Woodland Friends SantaNEW FOR 2018!  Santa and his Woodland Friends.  
CC16-183  Lighted Woodland Emerald SantaCC16-183 Lighted Woodland Emerald SantaNEW FOR 2018!  An elegant Christmas Santa for the outdoor lover.  
CC16-184 Lighted Red Deer Staff SantaCC16-184 Lighted Red Deer Staff SantaNEW FOR 2018!  A beautifully detailed Santa Claus.  
CC16-96  Lighted Wine SantaCC16-96 Lighted Wine Santa2018 SPECIAL!  A great Santa for your bar or kitchen.
CC17-17 Lighted Wine Red SantaCC17-17 Lighted Wine Red SantaHe raises his glass to cheer one and all!
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