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2017 SPECIAL !
As a "thank you" to you, our valued customer, we are passing on special pricing for the following Santas and Halloween characters.

We hope you enjoy these new additions to your collection.
CC16-106  Merry Christmas SantaCC16-106 Merry Christmas Santa2017 SPECIAL!  A special "Merry Christmas" Santa to add to your collection.
CC16-96  Lighted Wine SantaCC16-96 Lighted Wine Santa2017 SPECIAL!  A great Santa for your bar or kitchen.
CC18-15  Duck Hunter SantaCC18-15 Duck Hunter Santa2017 SPECIAL!  The perfect Santa for the duck hunter in your family. 
CC18-18 Lighted Arcadian Christmas SantaCC18-18 Lighted Arcadian Christmas Santa2017 SPECIAL!  This Lighted Arcadian Christmas Santa is sure to be a winner.
CC19-07R  Moose Hat Ski SantaCC19-07R Moose Hat Ski Santa2017 SPECIAL!  A whimsical Santa for holiday fun.
ED12-01 Wine BartenderED12-01 Wine Bartender2017 SPECIAL!  A whimsical Bartender to add fun to your bar and/or kitchen. 
ED12-02 Beer BartenderED12-02 Beer Bartender2017 SPECIAL!  This Beer Bartender is sure to add a smile to your bar and/or kitchen. 
ED12-03 Martini BartenderED12-03 Martini Bartender2017 SPECIAL!  Who says Bartenders don't have fun? 
ED12-04 Magarita BartenderED12-04 Magarita Bartender2017 SPECIAL!  A fun way to celebrate with this whimsical Margarita Bartender.
EDSC-01  Wine Delivery 2PC TrainEDSC-01 Wine Delivery 2PC Train2017 SPECIAL!  Cho, cho, here comes the Wine Train!
HA 12-03 "Bone Appetite" SkeletonHA 12-03 "Bone Appetite" Skeleton2017 SPECIAL!  The perfect Halloween dinner companion.
HA10-05 Martini SkeletonHA10-05 Martini Skeleton2017! SPECIAL!  This sitting Martini Skeleton is a fun Halloween decoration.
HA10-08 Margarita SkeletonHA10-08 Margarita Skeleton2017 SPECIAL!  He will add fun to your Halloween decorating.
HA12-02 "Olive to Party" FrankensteinHA12-02 "Olive to Party" Frankenstein2017 SPECIAL!  This whimsical Frankenstein with his green head is a great conversation piece.
HA12-04 Wine MummyHA12-04 Wine Mummy2017 SPECIAL!  This Wine Mummy is definitely a conversation piece. 
HA12-05 Martini SkeletonHA12-05 Martini Skeleton2017 SPECIAL!  Every Martini lover will want this decorative piece.
HA12-06 Wine SkeletonHA12-06 Wine Skeleton2017 SPECIAL!  This sitting Wine Skeleton will light up your bar with his red eyes.
HA12-07  "Dark Side Candy" SkeletonHA12-07 "Dark Side Candy" Skeleton2017 SPECIAL!  A fun Halloween Skeleton for your kitchen.
HA12-08 Margarita SkeletonHA12-08 Margarita Skeleton2017 SPECIAL!  This colorful Margarita Skeleton will add a lot of laughs to your Halloween season.
HA12-10 VampireHA12-10 Vampire2017 SPECIAL!  Everyone needs a Vampire for their bar and/or kitchen.
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