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NEW for 2020

The TOYMAKER SANTA,  CC16-218, is busy making toys at the LIGHTED NORTH POLE, SC-51, to deliver to all the boys and girls in his LIGHTED PATRIOTIC TRIKE, SC-55, these santas will make everyone smile.  The LIGHTED WINE & CHEESE SAMPLING SANTA, CC16-220, is sure to be a hit along with the GINGERBREAD FUN SANTA, CC-211, for everyones holiday gathering.

Karen has added spiritual santas to this years collection--BABY JESUS SANTA, CC18-42, and the LIGHTED NATIVITY SANTA, SC-53.

Halloween is always a fun time for all the tricksters and the LIGHTED HAUTED TRAIL WITCH ON BASE,  HASC-05, with its lighted spooky tree will complete the
halloween decorating.

Hippity-hop, hippity-hop look who is coming down the bunny trail!   These collectible bunny rabbits are sure to be a hit with your family and friends.
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Category Products

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CC09-06 Letters to SantaCC09-06 Letters to SantaNEW FOR 2020!  Everyone wants a letter from Santa. 
CC09-08 Train ElfCC09-08 Train ElfNEW FOR 2020!  A great Elf for the train lover. 
CC12-42 Typewritter SantaCC12-42 Typewritter SantaNEW FOR 2020!  Santa's letters for all the boys and girls. 
CC16-208 Stocking SantaCC16-208 Stocking SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A great Santa to complete your holiday decorating. 
CC16-209 Emerald Elegance SantaCC16-209 Emerald Elegance SantaNEW FOR 2020!  An elegant Santa to add to your collection. 
CC16-210 Baking Cookies SantaCC16-210 Baking Cookies SantaNEW FOR 2020!  The perfect Santa Chef for your kitchen. 
CC16-211 Gingerbread Fun SantaCC16-211 Gingerbread Fun SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A collectible Gingerbread Santa for your kitchen. 
CC16-212 Lighted Coastal Swag SantaCC16-212 Lighted Coastal Swag SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A great seaside Santa! 
CC16-213 Lighted Berry Wreath SantaCC16-213 Lighted Berry Wreath SantaNEW FOR 2020!  This is a "Merry Christmas" Santa!
CC16-214 Lighted Wine Blocks SantaCC16-214 Lighted Wine Blocks SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A fun wine Santa for the bar. 
CC16-215 Lighted Gifts Galore SantaCC16-215 Lighted Gifts Galore SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A traditional Christmas Santa.
CC16-217 Lighted Candy Cane Gift Bag SantaCC16-217 Lighted Candy Cane Gift Bag SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A traditional Santa with his bag of toys. 
CC16-218 Toymaker SantaCC16-218 Toymaker SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A fun Santa for all ages. 
CC16-219 Red Coat Seashell SantaCC16-219 Red Coat Seashell SantaNEW FOR 2020!  An elegant Santa for your seaside home. 
CC16-224 Traditional Poseable Santa (Set of 2)CC16-224 Traditional Poseable Santa (Set of 2)NEW FOR 2020!  Two poseable Santas for your decorating. 
CC18-41 Lighted Jewel Traditional EleganceCC18-41 Lighted Jewel Traditional EleganceNEW FOR 2020!  "Believe in the Magic and Wonder of Christmas.  Love, Santa"
CC18-42  Baby Jesus SantaCC18-42 Baby Jesus SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A spirtual Santa for Christmas. 
CC18-43 Lighted Ho Ho Ho SantaCC18-43 Lighted Ho Ho Ho SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A traditional Christmas Eve Santa. 
CC18-44 Whimsical Gingerbread SaantaCC18-44 Whimsical Gingerbread SaantaNEW FOR 2020!  A whimsical Gingerbread Santa.
CC18-47 Jeweled Victorian SantaCC18-47 Jeweled Victorian SantaNEW FOR 2020!  A magnificent Victorian Santa for the collector.   ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
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