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NEW for 2018
The NEW "Lighted Burgundy Santa with R" is a battery operated Santa that replaces the electrical cord for lighting.   More 12" high Santas have been added to Karen's Collection with the NEW "Garden Santa" and Elf sure to be a hit with the family gardener. The International Santas now include a NEW "Scottish Santa" wearing the traditional kilt. A NEW "Fishing Santa" has been brought back by popular demand and is sure to be a winner with his "catch of the day".  Calling all "Diva's" is a beautiful NEW "Coral Santa on Box" for you.
We have added a new 2017 SPECIAL! page with lower prices for you, our valued customer. 
CC12-29 Traditional Red SantaCC12-29 Traditional Red SantaThis free standing Traditional Red Santa is sure to be a winner!  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC12-30 Stocking SantaCC12-30 Stocking SantaA traditional Santa for the young and old.   ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC12-32 Golf SantaCC12-32 Golf SantaThe Golfer in your family will want this Santa. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC12-33 Wine SantaCC12-33 Wine SantaA fun Santa to decorate your bar and/or kitchen.
CC12-34 Garden SantaCC12-34 Garden SantaA whimsical Santa for the gardener.
CC16-145 Beads with Wreath SantaCC16-145 Beads with Wreath SantaA festive Santa Clause doll to add to your collection.
CC16-146 Scottish SantaCC16-146 Scottish SantaA beautifully detailed Scottish Santa. 
CC16-150 Fishing SantaCC16-150 Fishing SantaThe perfect Santa for your fisherman.
CC16-152 Holly SantaCC16-152 Holly SantaA beautiful collectible Santa. 
CC18-23 Mixed Metal SantaCC18-23 Mixed Metal SantaA beautifully unique Santa for the collector.
CC18-24 Lighted Toys Galore SantaCC18-24 Lighted Toys Galore SantaThis traditional Santa Clause will become a family heirloom.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
SC-34 Wine Barrel SantaSC-34 Wine Barrel SantaA great collectible Santa for the wine lover.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion.
SC-37 Lighted Music SantaSC-37 Lighted Music Santa2018 SPECIAL!  Santa and his Christmas music instruments.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion. 
SC-38 Cruising Claus SantaSC-38 Cruising Claus SantaSanta delivers toys on his scooter.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion. 
SC-39 Lighted Toy Wagon SantaSC-39 Lighted Toy Wagon SantaA collectible vintage Santa and Toy Wagon.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion. 
SC-40 Attic Treasures SantaSC-40 Attic Treasures SantaSanta Clause and his Christmas toys.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion. 
SC-42 Sleigh SantaSC-42 Sleigh SantaSanta Clause is ready to deliver presents in his sleigh.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion. 
SC-43 Coral Santa on BoxSC-43 Coral Santa on BoxThe perfect Santa for the Diva in your life.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion. 
SC-44 White Sled SantaSC-44 White Sled SantaSanta and a Sled full of Christmas decorations and gifts.  NOTE:  This piece is signed by Karen Didion.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****