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NEW for 2019

Welcome Mrs. Claus with her Gingerbread Recipe to your holiday kitchen along with the Gingerbread Magic Santa to complete your Christmas decorating.  The Lighted "Believe in the Magic" Santa holds a sign from Santa Claus that says it all and Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus are ready to celebrate the holidays riding on their Train--definitely heirloom pieces.

These fun Witches are sure to make you smile with their long eyelashes, facial beauty mark and black nail polish.  There is one to complete your decor--candy corn, coffee latte or your kitchen.  The Edward and Angelica Skeleton Couple, wearing their formal attire, will complete your Halloween decorating.

Hippity-hop, hippity-hop look who is coming down the bunny trail!  A drum roll please, for these adorable spring bunnies!  Karen has added them to her NEW spring collection.  These collectible bunny rabbits are sure to be a hit with your family and friends.

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Category Products

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CC18-38  Lighted Musical Christmas SantaCC18-38 Lighted Musical Christmas SantaNEW FOR 2019!  Santa plays 8 Christmas Carols. 
CC18-39  Scarlet Shine SantaCC18-39 Scarlet Shine SantaNEW FOR 2019!  This Scarlet Santa will add merriment to your decorating.  ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE SUMMER 2019****
CC18-40 Golden Shimmer SantaCC18-40 Golden Shimmer SantaNEW FOR 2019!  A Golden Santa to light up your holiday decorating. 
CC20-58  Lighted Jewel Tone Manor SantaCC20-58 Lighted Jewel Tone Manor SantaNEW FOR 2019!  A lighted Santa for your collection. 
CC30-09  Lighted Wreath & Gifts SantaCC30-09 Lighted Wreath & Gifts SantaNEW FOR 2019!  A collectible heirloom Santa. 
HA18-02  Lighted Pumpkin Glow WitchHA18-02 Lighted Pumpkin Glow WitchNEW FOR 2019!  This collectible Witch will bat her eyelashes at you!
HA18-03  Candy Corn WitchHA18-03 Candy Corn WitchNEW FOR 2019! A cute Candy Corn Witch!
HA18-04  Latte WitchHA18-04 Latte WitchNEW FOR 2019!  She is starting her day with a Latte!
HA18-05  Lighted Trick or Treat WitchHA18-05 Lighted Trick or Treat WitchNEW FOR 2019!  She will share her witchy cookies with you.
HA18-06  Kitchen WitchHA18-06 Kitchen WitchNEW FOR 2019!  The perfect Witch for your kitchen.
HA18-07  Lighted Fall Harvest WitchHA18-07 Lighted Fall Harvest WitchNEW FOR 2019!  The perfect Witch for Harvest time.
HA22-03 Lighted Dimitri PedestalHA22-03 Lighted Dimitri PedestalNEW FOR 2019!  A scary lighted Halloween piece!
HA24-03 "Mabel" WitchHA24-03 "Mabel" WitchNEW FOR 2019!  "Mabel" Witch has the key to the frog potion.
HA24-04  "Hilda" WitchHA24-04 "Hilda" WitchNEW FOR 2019!  "Hilda" can unlock the magic owl's cage.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HA38-01  Edward and Angelica Skeleton CoupleHA38-01 Edward and Angelica Skeleton CoupleNEW FOR 2019!  What a frightful Halloween Couple! 
HA48-08 Black Widow WitchHA48-08 Black Widow WitchNEW FOR 2019!  A MAGNIFICENTLY dressed Black Widow Witch. 
HASC-03 "Edith" Witch on Lighted Fiber Optic PumpkinHASC-03 "Edith" Witch on Lighted Fiber Optic PumpkinNEW FOR 2019!  This Fiber Optic Pumpkin will light up your decorating. 
ORN-10 3PC Santa Head OrnamentsORN-10 3PC Santa Head OrnamentsNEW FOR 2019!  Beautiful Santa Ornaments for your decorating. 
SC-47 Lighted Good Saint Nick ChimneySC-47 Lighted Good Saint Nick ChimneyNEW FOR 2019! Saint Nick is ready to deliver toys and presents.
SC-48 Lighted Christmas Delivery SleighSC-48 Lighted Christmas Delivery SleighNEW FOR 2019!  Santa's sleigh is full of toys. 
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