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These adorable bunnies are the perfect addition to your spring decorating.  The Pink Sitting Bunny holds a crystal and sequin handbag to compliment her beautiful lace and crystal trimmed dress while P J Bunny dressed in his pajamas and bunny slippers holds a small bunny in his hand.  All 14 bunnies are beautifully detailed and their charming personalities will add character and style to your home.
SP001 Trike Bunny RabbitSP001 Trike Bunny RabbitAn adorable Spring Bunny on a Trike!
SP003 Pink Sitting Bunny RabbitSP003 Pink Sitting Bunny RabbitAn elegant pastel Pink Sitting Bunny Rabbit.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
SP005 Carrot Bunny RabbitSP005 Carrot Bunny RabbitA great collectible Bunny Rabbit for your Spring Decorating.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
SP008 Mr. Coral Bunny RabbitSP008 Mr. Coral Bunny RabbitA great 29" high standing Coral Bunny.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
SP009 Mrs. Coral Bunny RabbitSP009 Mrs. Coral Bunny RabbitThis Coral Bunny is perfect for your Spring Decorating. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
SP010 Mr. Purple Bunny RabbitSP010 Mr. Purple Bunny RabbitMr. Purple Bunny is a smiling spring rabbit.
SP011 Mrs. Purple Bunny RabbitSP011 Mrs. Purple Bunny RabbitMrs. Purple Bunny will make you smile.
SP012 Mr. Blue Bunny RabbitSP012 Mr. Blue Bunny RabbitA handsomely dressed Bunny Rabbit.
SP013 Mrs. Blue BunnySP013 Mrs. Blue BunnyThe perfect Bunny to add to your rabbit collection.
SP018   P J Bunny RabbitSP018 P J Bunny RabbitA fun Bunny wearing smiling bunny rabbit slippers.
SP019  Gentleman Bunny RabbitSP019 Gentleman Bunny RabbitThis Gentleman Bunny Rabbit carries a pocket watch.
SP020 Artist BunnySP020 Artist BunnyThis sitting Artist Bunny is ready to paint Eggs!
SP022 Paris Bunny RabbitSP022 Paris Bunny RabbitAn elegant collectible French Bunny Rabbit.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
SP023 Bird Nest Bunny RabbitSP023 Bird Nest Bunny RabbitA collectible Bird Nest Bunny Rabbit.