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Gifts $101.00 to $200.00
CC09-05 4 Piece Wine Elf SetCC09-05 4 Piece Wine Elf SetThese Elves are ready for holiday cheer!  NOTE:  The table is only for display.   ****AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2021****
CC09-10  4  Piece Themed Elf AssortmentCC09-10 4 Piece Themed Elf AssortmentThis Themed Elf Assortment is a great holiday decoration.  ****AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2021****
CC15-03 Midnight Snack Rocking Chair SantaCC15-03 Midnight Snack Rocking Chair SantaLook at Santa's cute Rudolf Reindeer slippers!  NOTE:  Santa is attached to the rocking chair. 
CC18-29  Bergundy Jewel SantaCC18-29 Bergundy Jewel SantaAn elegant Santa dressed in burgundy velvet.
CC18-32  Royal Elegance SantaCC18-32 Royal Elegance SantaSanta wears beautiful Royal Purple velvet.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC18-33  Peacock SantaCC18-33 Peacock SantaSanta holds a beautiful Peacock bird.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC18-36 Wonder of Christmas SantaCC18-36 Wonder of Christmas SantaA beautiful Santa for your holiday decorating.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC18-38  Lighted Musical Christmas SantaCC18-38 Lighted Musical Christmas SantaSanta plays 8 Christmas Carols.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC18-41 Lighted Jewel Traditional EleganceCC18-41 Lighted Jewel Traditional Elegance"Believe in the Magic and Wonder of Christmas.  Love, Santa"   ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC18-43 Lighted Ho Ho Ho SantaCC18-43 Lighted Ho Ho Ho SantaA traditional Christmas Eve Santa. 
CC18-45 Lighted Sparkling Emerald SantaCC18-45 Lighted Sparkling Emerald SantaNEW FOR 2021!  This Lighted Emerald Santa is the perfect addition to your holiday decorating.  ****AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2021****
CC18-46 Lighted  Jeweled Platinum EleganceCC18-46 Lighted Jeweled Platinum EleganceAn elegant Platinum Santa Claus.  ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE JULY 15, 2021****
CC18-49 Christmas Jeweled SantaCC18-49 Christmas Jeweled SantaNEW FOR 2021!  An elegant Santa for your Christmas decorating. 
CC18-50 Reindeer Joy SantaCC18-50 Reindeer Joy SantaA great woodland Santa! 
CC18-52 Lighted Gilded Gold SantaCC18-52 Lighted Gilded Gold SantaNEW FOR 2021!  An exquisite Lighted Gold Santa!  ****AVAILABLE END OF SEPTEMBER 2021****
CC18-53 Lighted Classic Christmas SantaCC18-53 Lighted Classic Christmas SantaNEW FOR 2021!  A classic Lighted Santa to add to your collection.  ****AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2021****
CC18-54 Christmas Wonderland SantaCC18-54 Christmas Wonderland SantaNEW FOR 2021!  A beautifully jeweled Christmas Santa.  
CC18-55 Lighted Midnight Blue SantaCC18-55 Lighted Midnight Blue SantaNEW FOR 2021!  A unique NAVY BLUE Christmas Santa!  ****AVAILABLE END OF SEPTEMBER 2021****
CC18-56 Ocean Blue SantaCC18-56 Ocean Blue SantaNEW FOR 2021!  An Ocean Blue Santa for your seaside home.
CC20-55A Old World SantaCC20-55A Old World SantaThis Old World Santa is sure to become an heirloom piece.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
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