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NEW for 2021
This elegant NEW (SP007) Green Victorian Bunny Rabbit with its faux Mink fur collared coat and hand beaded purse is sure to become a family heirloom.  The NEW (SP032) Flower Express Bunny Rabbit sits in his wooden EXPRESS wagon full of spring flowers, decorated Easter eggs and candy and is perfect for your spring decorating.
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SP007 Green Victorian Bunny RabbitSP007 Green Victorian Bunny RabbitNEW FOR 2021!  A gorgeous Victorian Bunny Rabbit to add to your collection.  ****AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 15, 2021****
SP029  Coastal Bunny RabbitSP029 Coastal Bunny RabbitNEW FOR 2021!  A sophisticated Coastal Bunny Rabbit for your home.  ****AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 15, 2021****
SP030  Royal Elegance Boy Bunny RabbitSP030 Royal Elegance Boy Bunny RabbitNEW FOR 2021!  This Royal Boy Bunny Rabbit has a Victorian feel.  ****AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 15, 2021****
SP031  Royal Elegance Girl Bunny RabbitSP031 Royal Elegance Girl Bunny RabbitNEW FOR 2021!  She is a beautiful Royal Girl Bunny Rabbit.  ****AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 15, 2021****
SP032  Flower Express Bunny RabbitSP032 Flower Express Bunny RabbitNEW FOR 2021!  This Flower Express Bunny Rabbit is ready to deliver Easter eggs.  ****AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 15, 2021****
SP036  Artist Bunny Rabbit with ChairSP036 Artist Bunny Rabbit with ChairNEW FOR 2021!  A collectible Artist Bunny Rabbit to add to your spring collection.  ****AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 15, 2021****
SP043 Floral Umbrella BunnySP043 Floral Umbrella BunnyNEW FOR 2021!  This collectible spring Bunny Rabbit has an umbrella filled with flowers.  ****AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 15, 2021****