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Karen Didion Collection

View the entire collection of Karen Didion collectibles: Santas, Elves, Everday Figures and Halloween Characters all in one location. We are sure you will enjoy the Crakewood Collection by Karen Didion.  These beautifully detailed items are perfect for your holiday decorating or to give that special friend or family member as a holiday gift.

CC09-02 4 Piece Elf AssortmentNEW FOR 2014!   These fun loving Elves are sure to be a hit with your family.   NOTE:  The table is for display only and is not included with the Elf Assortment. 
CC09-03 4 Piece Wine Elf AssortmentNEW FOR 2014!  These whimsical Elves will add "cheer" to the holidays.  NOTE:  The table is for display only and is not included with the Elf Assortment. 
CC12-02Q Lying Martini SantaA fun Santa to add cheer to the holidays with his Martini glass. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC12-05 12" Wine Santa12" reclining Wine Santa is a great addition to your kitchen or dining area.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC12-09Q Lying Popcorn SantaREVISED FOR 2014!  This 12" long whimsical Popcorn Santa is waiting for the move to start while eating his popcorn.

CC12-16 Elf with OrnamentNEW FOR 2014!  Everyone needs a helping hand with holiday decorating.
CC12-17 Lighted Elf with DrumNEW FOR 2014!  The perfect addition to your holiday decorating. 
CC12-18 Elf on SledNEW FOR 2014!  A fun Elf who will add merriment to your holidays. 
CC12-19 Elf with PresentNEW FOR 2014!   This little Christmas Elf will join in your holiday fun.
CC12-20 Elf with PuppyNEW FOR 2014!  Everyone wants a puppy for Christmas. 
CC14-02 Personalized Gift SantaThis 14" sitting collectible Personalized Gift Santa is the perfect gift for family and friends.
CC14-03 Personalized Wine SantaThis 14" sitting collectible Personalized Wine Santa is a great gift to give those special friends. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC14-05 Wine Bottle Holder SantaA great Wine Bottle Holder Santa for your bar and/or kitchen.  NOTE:  The bottle of wine shown is for display only.
CC16-05 Golf Santa16” tall free standing whimsical Golf Santa is the "best shot of the day" golfer.
CC16-36 Wine & Friends16" tall Wine & Friends Santa is raising his wine glass to toast "Friendship." 
CC16-43 Toy Stocking Santa16" tall classic Toy Stocking Santa is loaded down with toys for all the girls and boys on his list. 

CC16-46 Tuscan Kitchen Santa16" tall Tuscan Kitchen Santa wears his "Bistro" apron while holding a "Tuscan Kitchen" sign and a basket of wine and cheese. 

CC16-48 German Santa16" tall German Santa is dressed in traditional lederhosen while holding beautifully detailed nutcrackers, a cuckoo clock and beer stein in his hands.
CC16-50 Fiesta Santa16" tall free standing whimsical Santa is holding a Margarita glass and Pinata and is ready to party.
CC16-60 Seashell SantaA great Seashell Santa for your seashore holiday. 
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