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Karen Didion Collection

View the entire collection of Karen Didion collectibles: Santas, Elves, Everday Figures and Halloween Characters all in one location. We are sure you will enjoy the Crakewood Collection by Karen Didion.  These beautifully detailed items are perfect for your holiday decorating or to give that special friend or family member as a holiday gift.

CC09-04  3 Piece Traditional Elf AssortmentCC09-04 3 Piece Traditional Elf AssortmentNEW FOR 2015!  Everyone will love these whimsical Christmas Elves.
CC09-05 4 Piece Wine Elf SetCC09-05 4 Piece Wine Elf SetNEW FOR 2015!  These Elves are ready for holiday cheer!  NOTE:  The table is only for display.
CC09-06 Train ElfCC09-06 Train ElfNEW FOR 2015!  Everyone will want this cute Elf.
CC09-07 Snowman ElfCC09-07 Snowman ElfNEW FOR 2015!  A great Elf and Snowman decoration.
CC09-08 Letters to Santa ElfCC09-08 Letters to Santa ElfNEW FOR 2015!  This collectible Christmas Elf is sure to delight everyone.
CC12-17 Lighted Elf with DrumCC12-17 Lighted Elf with DrumThe perfect addition to your holiday decorating. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC12-19 Elf with PresentCC12-19 Elf with PresentThis little Christmas Elf will join in your holiday fun. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC12-21 Popcorn SantaCC12-21 Popcorn SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A great addition to your kitchen, bar or game room.
CC14-05 Wine Bottle Holder SantaCC14-05 Wine Bottle Holder SantaA great Wine Bottle Holder Santa for your bar and/or kitchen.  NOTE:  The bottle of wine shown is for display only. 
CC14-06 Cork Barrel SantaCC14-06 Cork Barrel SantaA great gift for the serious wine collector. 
CC15-02 Lighted Tree Farm SantaCC15-02 Lighted Tree Farm SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A collectible Tree Farm Santa.
CC16-05    Golf SantaCC16-05 Golf Santa16” tall free standing whimsical Golf Santa is the "best shot of the day" golfer.
CC16-100 Lighted Tuscan Cuisine SantaCC16-100 Lighted Tuscan Cuisine SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A fun Santa for your kitchen. 
CC16-101  Gingerbread Magic SantaCC16-101 Gingerbread Magic SantaNEW FOR 2015!  The perfect Santa for the Gingerbread lover in your family. 
CC16-102  Lighted Wine & Friends SantaCC16-102 Lighted Wine & Friends SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A beautiful collectible Santa.
CC16-103  Woodland Noel SantaCC16-103 Woodland Noel SantaNEW FOR 2015!  The perfect Santa for the nature lover.
CC16-104 Lighted Wine Arcadian SantaCC16-104 Lighted Wine Arcadian SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A fun Santa for your bar or kitchen. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC16-105 Lighted Winter Fun SantaCC16-105 Lighted Winter Fun SantaNEW FOR 2015!  This Santa will make you smile all winter. 
CC16-106  Merry Christmas SantaCC16-106 Merry Christmas SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A special "Merry Christmas" Santa to add to your collection.
CC16-107 Lighted Nutcracker SantaCC16-107 Lighted Nutcracker SantaNEW FOR 2015!  A great Santa for the Nutcracker collector.
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