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19" & 20" Santas

Karen has added beautiful new Santa colors to your holiday decorating this year.  One is a unique navy blue Santa, LIGHTED MIDNIGHT BLUE SANTA, CC18-55,
and another one is an ocean blue color, OCEAN BLUE SANTA, CC18-56.


CC18-36R Wonders of Christmas SantaCC18-36R Wonders of Christmas SantaREVISED FOR 2023!  A beautiful collectible Santa.
CC18-37  Lighted Paris Elegance SantaCC18-37 Lighted Paris Elegance SantaThe perfect Paris Santa for the collector.  
CC18-38  Lighted Musical Christmas SantaCC18-38 Lighted Musical Christmas SantaSanta plays 8 Christmas Carols. 
CC18-42  Baby Jesus SantaCC18-42 Baby Jesus SantaA spirtual Santa for Christmas.
CC18-45 Lighted Sparkling Emerald SantaCC18-45 Lighted Sparkling Emerald SantaThis Lighted Emerald Santa is the perfect addition to your holiday decorating.
CC18-50 Reindeer Joy SantaCC18-50 Reindeer Joy SantaA great woodland Santa! 
CC18-55 Lighted Midnight Blue SantaCC18-55 Lighted Midnight Blue SantaA unique NAVY BLUE Christmas Santa! 
CC18-63 Sandy ClausCC18-63 Sandy ClausA fun Santa for your sailboat lover.
CC18-64R  Lighted  Christmas Traditions SantaCC18-64R Lighted Christmas Traditions SantaNEW FOR 2023!  A whimsical Santa with pockets full of candy canes.  
CC18-65 Seahorse Coastal SantaCC18-65 Seahorse Coastal SantaA Santa with seashells.  ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE SUMMER 2023****
CC18-66R  Regal SantaCC18-66R Regal SantaREVISED FOR 2023!  An elegant Santa for your holiday decorating.
CC18-68R  Lighted Santa Bearing GiftsCC18-68R Lighted Santa Bearing GiftsREVISED FOR 2023 - A traditional Santa Claus Doll 
CC18-69 Ivory & Gold SantaCC18-69 Ivory & Gold SantaA beautiful silver and gold Santa. 
CC18-70  Sugar Plum SantaCC18-70 Sugar Plum SantaNEW FOR 2023!  A beautiful plum colored Santa. 
CC18-71  Lighted Natural Fawn SantaCC18-71 Lighted Natural Fawn SantaNEW FOR 2023!  The perfect Santa for a "natural look". 
CC18-72  Lighted Emerald Woods SantaCC18-72 Lighted Emerald Woods SantaNEW FOR 2023!  A lighted Emerald Green Santa. 
CC18-73  Lighted Scarlet Jeweled SantaCC18-73 Lighted Scarlet Jeweled SantaNEW FOR 2023!  He will add shimmer and shine to your decorating.
CC18-74 Seahorse and Pearls SantaCC18-74 Seahorse and Pearls SantaNEW FOR 2023!   He will add elegance to your seaside home.
CC18-75  Peacock SantaCC18-75 Peacock SantaNEW FOR 2023!  A unique peacock themed Santa. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC18-76  Winter Frost SantaCC18-76 Winter Frost SantaNEW FOR 2023!  An elegant Winter Frost Santa.
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