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Halloween Characters
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HA016 Lighted Fiber Optic PumpkinHA016  Lighted Fiber Optic PumpkinA fun grinning Fiber Optic jack-o-lantern. 
HA18-02 Lighted Pumpkin Glow WitchHA18-02  Lighted Pumpkin Glow WitchThis collectible Witch will bat her eyelashes at you! 
HA18-03 Candy Corn WitchHA18-03  Candy Corn WitchA cute Candy Corn Witch!  ****OUT OF STOCK****
HA18-04 Latte WitchHA18-04  Latte WitchShe is starting her day with a Latte! 
HA18-05 Lighted Trick or Treat WitchHA18-05  Lighted Trick or Treat WitchShe will share her witchy cookies with you.
HA18-06 Kitchen WitchHA18-06  Kitchen WitchThe perfect Witch for your kitchen. ****OUT OF STOCK****
HA18-07 Lighted Fall Harvest WitchHA18-07  Lighted Fall Harvest WitchThe perfect Witch for Harvest time. 
HA18-19 Eva WitchHA18-19 Eva WitchEvery Witch should carry a Crow in her handbag. ****OUT OF STOCK****
HA18-20 Lighted Alice WitchHA18-20 Lighted Alice WitchA Witch to complete your Halloween decorating.
HA18-25 Pumpkin Spice GrannyHA18-25  Pumpkin Spice GrannyThis grinning Granny will share her Pumpkin Pie. 
HA20-04 Silver Skull PedestalHA20-04  Silver Skull PedestalAn eerie Halloween decoration. 
HA22-04 Lighted Frankenstein PedestalHA22-04 Lighted Frankenstein PedestalA collectible Frankenstein for Halloween.
HA22-O1R Winston Pedestal with JewelsHA22-O1R  Winston Pedestal with JewelsNEW FOR 2022!  A Spooktacular piece for your decorating.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
HA23-01 Lighted Gray Skeleton CoupleHA23-01 Lighted Gray Skeleton CoupleNEW FOR 2022!  This eerie couple are ready for Halloween. 
HA23-02 Wedding Skeleton CoupleHA23-02 Wedding Skeleton CoupleNEW FOR 2022!  A dancing Wedding Skeleton Couple.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
HA24-04 "Hilda" WitchHA24-04  "Hilda" Witch"Hilda" can unlock the magic owl's cage.
HA26-03 Medea WitchHA26-03  Medea  WitchA scary sitting Halloween Witch. 
HA26-07 Amber Sitting WitchHA26-07 Amber Sitting WitchA beautiful Amber Spider on this Witch.  NOTE:  The wooden stool is for display only. 
HA26-11 Glitzy Wine WitchHA26-11 Glitzy Wine WitchA bubbly Halloween wine Witch.
HA26-12 Pumpkin Body WitchHA26-12 Pumpkin Body WitchNEW FOR 2022! A Halloween Witch with a Pumpkin Body. 
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