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Category17" & 18" Santas
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CC16 - 242 Sage SantaCC16 - 242 Sage SantaNEW FOR 2022!  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-110 Milk & Cookies SantaCC16-110  Milk & Cookies SantaA whimsical Milk & Cookies Santa for the family.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-113 Lighted Woodland Elegance SantaCC16-113 Lighted Woodland Elegance SantaA great Lighted Woodland Elegance Santa!  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-125 Mountaineer SantaCC16-125 Mountaineer SantaThe perfect Santa for the outdoor lover.   ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-132 Basket of CheerCC16-132 Basket of CheerA great addition to your kitchen or bar.   ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-139 Champagne Coastal SantaCC16-139  Champagne Coastal SantaAn elegant Coastal Santa!  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-145 Beads with Wreath SantaCC16-145 Beads with Wreath SantaA festive Santa Clause doll to add to your collection.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-146 Scottish SantaCC16-146 Scottish SantaA beautifully detailed Scottish Santa.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-150 Fishing SantaCC16-150 Fishing SantaThe perfect Santa for your fisherman.
CC16-156 Movie Night SantaCC16-156 Movie Night SantaA fun Santa Claus for your family room. ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-164 Tiffany Blue SantaCC16-164  Tiffany Blue SantaAn elegantly dressed Tiffany Blue Santa. ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-165 Lighted Midnight Elegance SantaCC16-165 Lighted Midnight Elegance SantaDefinitely a heirloom Santa.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-175 Hope SantaCC16-175 Hope SantaA Cancer awareness Hope Santa. ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-176 Irish SantaCC16-176  Irish SantaA lucky Irish Santa.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-177 Santas Best FriendCC16-177  Santas Best FriendSanta and his puppy. 
CC16-183 Lighted Woodland Emerald SantaCC16-183  Lighted Woodland Emerald SantaAn elegant Christmas Santa for the outdoor lover.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-185 Victorian Elegance SantaCC16-185  Victorian Elegance SantaAn elegant Victorian Santa!  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-194 Winter Serenity SantaCC16-194 Winter Serenity SantaSanta holds a majestic Red Cardinal bird. ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-200 Lighted Traditional Elegance SantaCC16-200  Lighted Traditional Elegance SantaAn Elegant collectible Santa to add to your collection.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC16-201 Believe SantaCC16-201  Believe SantaA family heirloom Believe Santa.  ****OUT OF STOCK****
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