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CC09-04 3 Piece Traditional Elf AssortmentCC09-04  3 Piece Traditional Elf AssortmentEveryone will love these whimsical Christmas Elves.  
CC09-05 4 Piece Wine Elf SetCC09-05 4 Piece Wine Elf SetThese Elves are ready for holiday cheer!  NOTE:  The table is only for display.  
CC09-06 Letters to SantaCC09-06 Letters to SantaEveryone wants a letter from Santa.
CC09-09 4 Piece Traditional Elf AssortmentCC09-09  4 Piece Traditional Elf AssortmentA set of 4 Traditional Elves to complete your holiday decorating. ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC09-10 4 Piece Themed Elf AssortmentCC09-10  4  Piece Themed Elf AssortmentThis Themed Elf Assortment is a great holiday decoration.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC09-11 Special Delivery Girl and Boy Elf SetCC09-11 Special Delivery Girl and Boy Elf SetAn adorable Girl and Boy set of Elves.  NOTE:  They are NOT posable. 
CC09-12 Santa's Helpers Elf SetCC09-12 Santa's Helpers Elf SetThese smiling Elves are checking names on their gift list.  NOTE:  They are NOT posable. 
CC09-14 Green Check Girl and Boy Elf SetCC09-14 Green Check Girl and Boy Elf SetGirl and Boy Elves ready to deliver Gingerbread Cookies.  NOTE:  They are NOT posable. 
CC09-17 Cookie & Candy Elf SetCC09-17 Cookie & Candy Elf SetNEW FOR 2022!   The perfect elves to decorate your holiday kitchen. ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC09-18 Gingerbread Elf SetCC09-18 Gingerbread Elf SetNEW FOR 2022!  These Gingerbread Elves are perfect for your Christmas kitchen.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC09-19 Blue Coastal Elf SetCC09-19 Blue Coastal Elf SetNEW FOR 2022!  The perfect Elves for your Coastal decorating. ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC09-20 Pink Elf SetCC09-20 Pink Elf SetNEW FOR 2022!  Beautiful Pink Christmas Elves.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC09-21 Sage ElfCC09-21 Sage ElfNEW FOR 2022!  Sage Green Elves for your holiday decorating.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC12-10 Beer Barrel SantaCC12-10 Beer Barrel SantaThe perfect Santa for your beer lover!
CC12-23 Snowman SantaCC12-23 Snowman SantaA fun winter Santa. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC12-25 Christmas Surprise SantaCC12-25 Christmas Surprise SantaSanta Clause is ready to deliver Christmas gifts.  
CC12-27 Fire Chief SantaCC12-27 Fire Chief SantaThis Fire Chief Santa is definitely a collectors piece.
CC12-30 Stocking SantaCC12-30 Stocking SantaA traditional Santa for the young and old.  
CC12-31 Kitchen SantaCC12-31 Kitchen SantaA fun Kitchen Chef Santa. 
CC12-33 Wine SantaCC12-33 Wine SantaA fun Santa to decorate your bar and/or kitchen. 
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