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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the Santa Claus figures actually dolls?

Each Santa figure is made with individual arms and legs and a body like a doll. Since the arms and legs are not jointed they do not move but stay in place. The clothing is permanently attached and does not come off. Each Santa doll is weighted to be free standing and will not fall over easily.

2. Why do their faces look so real?

They have inset glass eyes and this gives them a very different and realistic look from other Santa figures. They have the same kind of inset glass eyes as those used to make high end dolls. Also their beard is mohair and looks like a real beard.

3. Are the Santas original, numbered pieces?

Each Santa Claus is an original design. A label is sewn to the back of each figures coat saying it is an Original Karen Didion Santa. They are not numbered.

4. Are these Santa dolls made in the USA and/or imported?

The Santa bodies, clothing and accessories are imported. Their over-all appearance is checked and finished in the USA. 

5. What if one of the decorative accessories comes off?

These Christmas Santa Claus figures should be stored in a temperature controlled environment (closet in your house). Extreme high and/or low temperatures may cause the glue to release. If this should happen simply use a glue gun to glue the item back in place. If you do no have a glue gun, they can be purchased at most hobby/craft stores and are easy to use.

6. Will my Santa figure become a collectors piece?

Yes, when you look at all the Christmas Santas that are available you will recognize the difference in the quality and attention paid to the details of these figures. These two items make Karen Didion's Santas future collectors' heirlooms.

7. What happens if the Santa is damaged when I receive it?

Just call us WITHIN 10 DAYS and we will make arrangements with you to have it returned to us by UPS. DO NOT RETURN ANYTHING WITHOUT PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS.