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Halloween Characters

These whimsical Halloween Characters are perfect for decorating your home for "Trick or Treat" time!  Karen's new I'M A GOOD WITCH (HA26-16) is voice activated to say "I'm a Good Witch". The more traditional Happy Halloween LIGHTED FIBER OPTIC PUMPKIN  (HA016) is sure to make you smile with the spider hanging from its hat.  Simply choose your favorite Halloween Character and "treat" yourself to some "tricks!"  Hee, hee!

HA18-02  Lighted Pumpkin Glow WitchHA18-02 Lighted Pumpkin Glow WitchThis collectible Witch will bat her eyelashes at you! 
HA18-03  Candy Corn WitchHA18-03 Candy Corn WitchA cute Candy Corn Witch! 
HA18-04  Latte WitchHA18-04 Latte WitchShe is starting her day with a Latte! 
HA18-05  Lighted Trick or Treat WitchHA18-05 Lighted Trick or Treat WitchShe will share her witchy cookies with you.
HA18-06  Kitchen WitchHA18-06 Kitchen WitchThe perfect Witch for your kitchen.
HA18-07  Lighted Fall Harvest WitchHA18-07 Lighted Fall Harvest WitchThe perfect Witch for Harvest time. 
HA18-25  Pumpkin Spice GrannyHA18-25 Pumpkin Spice GrannyThis grinning Granny will share her Pumpkin Pie. 
HA23-01 Lighted Gray Skeleton CoupleHA23-01 Lighted Gray Skeleton CoupleNEW FOR 2022!  This eerie couple are ready for Halloween. 
HA23-02 Wedding Skeleton CoupleHA23-02 Wedding Skeleton CoupleNEW FOR 2022!  A dancing Wedding Skeleton Couple. 
HA26-11 Glitzy Wine WitchHA26-11 Glitzy Wine WitchA bubbly Halloween wine Witch.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HA26-12 Pumpkin Body WitchHA26-12 Pumpkin Body WitchNEW FOR 2022! A Halloween Witch with a Pumpkin Body.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
HA26-13 Lady Halloween WitchHA26-13 Lady Halloween WitchThis sitting Lady Halloween Witch is wearing an orange dress, hat and shoes trimmed with black feathers.  She holds a decorated black witch's broom.  NOTE:  The stool she is sitting on is for display and is not included.  13" w x 18" d x 24" h
HA26-14 Sitting Candy Corn WitchHA26-14 Sitting Candy Corn WitchA yummy looking Candy Cane Witch. 
HA26-15  Black Widow WitchHA26-15 Black Widow WitchThis Black Widow Witch is definitely a collectors piece.
HA26-16 I'm a Good WitchHA26-16 I'm a Good WitchNEW FOR 2022!  A voice activated 32" high fun Witch.
HA26-17 "Priscilla" Peacock WitchHA26-17 "Priscilla" Peacock WitchNEW FOR 2022!  This Witch is perfect for your Peacock decor.