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17" & 18"  Santas
The new traditional TIME FOR CHRISTMAS SANTA, CC16-228, is a great addition to your family decorating.  And the new LIGHTED WILDERNESS WONDER SANTA, CC16-222,
is perfect for an outdoor decorating theme.   These Santas make the perfect gift for that special person in your life.
CC16-242a Sage SantaCC16-242a Sage SantaA collectible Sage color Santa.
CC16-243 Coastal Mrs. ClauseCC16-243 Coastal Mrs. ClauseA nautical Mrs. Clause. 
CC16-244 Lighted Merry and Bright SantaCC16-244 Lighted Merry and Bright SantaSanta's Christmas stocking says "Merry and Bright". 
CC16-245 Lighted. Santa and Mrs. Claus Bearing GiftsCC16-245 Lighted. Santa and Mrs. Claus Bearing GiftsNEW FOR 2023!  A beautifully detailed Mr. & Mrs. Claus. 
CC16-248 Coastal Shell Swag SantaCC16-248 Coastal Shell Swag SantaThis Coastal Santa holds a nautical net. 
CC16-249 Chinoiserie SantaCC16-249 Chinoiserie SantaNEW FOR 2023!  A beautiful Santa dressed in blue. 
CC16-251 Baking Memories SantaCC16-251 Baking Memories SantaNEW FOR 2023!  A great Gingerbread Santa Chef. 
CC16-252  Hot Chocolate SantaCC16-252 Hot Chocolate SantaNEW FOR 2023!  A whimsical "good morning" Santa.
CC16-253   Evergreen and Crimson SantaCC16-253 Evergreen and Crimson SantaNEW FOR 2023!  An inspirational Santa for your collection. 
CC16-254 Lighted Vintage Toy Bag SantaCC16-254 Lighted Vintage Toy Bag SantaNEW FOR 2023!  A beautifully detailed Traditional Santa Clause. 
CC16-255  Peppermint Swirl SantaCC16-255 Peppermint Swirl SantaNEW FOR 2023!  A sweet peppermint Santa. 
CC16-256  Sugar Mrs. ClausCC16-256 Sugar Mrs. ClausNEW FOR 2023!  Everyone will love this SWEET Mrs. Claus.
CC16-257 Lighted  Season to Wine  SantaCC16-257 Lighted Season to Wine SantaNEW FOR 2023!     A great Santa for your bar or kitchen.
CC16-258  Jolly Kitchen SantaCC16-258 Jolly Kitchen SantaNEW FOR 2023!  A Jolly Santa Chef. 
CC16-259  Lt. Snow Covered Wilderness SantaCC16-259 Lt. Snow Covered Wilderness SantaNEW FOR 2023! A beautiful piece for a woodsy decore. 
CC16-261  Lt. Good Tidings SantaCC16-261 Lt. Good Tidings SantaNEW FOR 2023!  This is definitely a collectible Santa Claus.
CC16-262  Ocean Blue SantaCC16-262 Ocean Blue SantaNEW FOR 2023!  The perfect seaside decoration for your home.
CC16-48 German SantaCC16-48 German SantaA traditional German Santa.
CC16-50 Fiesta SantaCC16-50 Fiesta SantaThis Fiesta Santa is ready to party.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC16-67 Coffee SantaCC16-67 Coffee SantaThis Santa is perfect for the "coffee lover" in your family. 
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