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Lighted Santas & Friends

The new LIGHTED STROLLING SANTA AND MRS CLAUSE (CC16-240) are beautifully dressed in their Christmas attire.
LIGHTED CHRISTMAS STREET LAMP SANTA (SC-56) is reading the names of boys and girls to deliver his toys to under the street lamp and will create lots of conversation. 
This exquisitely detailed LIGHTED MUSICAL CHRISTMAS SANTA (CC18-38) plays 8 Christmas Carols when you press the button on his coat, definitely a collector's piece.   

CC14-14 Lighted Merry Christmas SantaCC14-14 Lighted Merry Christmas SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A great sitting Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-113 Lighted Woodland Elegance SantaCC16-113 Lighted Woodland Elegance SantaA great Lighted Woodland Elegance Santa! 
CC16-168 Lighted Napping SantaCC16-168 Lighted Napping SantaThis Napping Santa is a fun decorating piece.
CC16-183  Lighted Woodland Emerald SantaCC16-183 Lighted Woodland Emerald SantaAn elegant Christmas Santa for the outdoor lover. 
CC16-200  Lighted Traditional Elegance SantaCC16-200 Lighted Traditional Elegance SantaAn Elegant collectible Santa to add to your collection.
CC16-204  Lighted Woodland Pine SantaCC16-204 Lighted Woodland Pine SantaA great Woodland Pine Santa collectible. ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-213R  Lighted Berry Wreath SantaCC16-213R Lighted Berry Wreath SantaA lighted Merry Christmas Santa. 
CC16-214 Lighted Wine Blocks SantaCC16-214 Lighted Wine Blocks SantaA fun wine Santa for the bar.  ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE FALL 2024****
CC16-220 Lighted Wine & Cheese Sampling SantaCC16-220 Lighted Wine & Cheese Sampling SantaThe perfect addition to your bar or kitchen.
CC16-233 Lighted Touch of Gold SantaCC16-233 Lighted Touch of Gold SantaA beautifully detailed Lighted Gold Santa.
CC16-240R Lighted Strolling Mr. & Mrs. ClauseCC16-240R Lighted Strolling Mr. & Mrs. ClauseThe perfect Christmas couple.  ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE FALL 2024****
CC16-245 Lighted. Santa and Mrs. Claus Bearing GiftsCC16-245 Lighted. Santa and Mrs. Claus Bearing GiftsA beautifully detailed Mr. & Mrs. Claus.
CC16-254 Lighted Vintage Toy Bag SantaCC16-254 Lighted Vintage Toy Bag SantaA beautifully detailed Traditional Santa Clause. 
CC16-257 Lighted  Season to Wine  SantaCC16-257 Lighted Season to Wine SantaA great Santa for your bar or kitchen.
CC16-261  Lighted Good Tidings SantaCC16-261 Lighted Good Tidings SantaThis is definitely a collectible Santa Claus. ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE FALL 2024****
CC16-263 Lighted Traditional Tartan SantaCC16-263 Lighted Traditional Tartan SantaNEW FOR 2024! A fun traditional tartan Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-264 Lighted Sage Elegence SantaCC16-264 Lighted Sage Elegence SantaNEW FOR 2024!  An elegant jade and pearl designed Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-265 Lighted Snowy Days SantaCC16-265 Lighted Snowy Days SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A fun snowy winter design Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-266 Lighted Joyous Presence SantaCC16-266 Lighted Joyous Presence SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A beautiful spiritual Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-267 Lighted Sandstone Coastal SantaCC16-267 Lighted Sandstone Coastal SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A beautiful nautical designed Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
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