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NEW for 2022

Karen has designed Santa's to make everyone smile from the outdoor lover,
to the home kitchen, BAKING MEMORIES SANTA (CC16-235).
the elegant IVORY & GOLD SANTA (CC18-69)
or the seashore SANDY CLAUS (CC18-63) will fit into your home decorating.
CC09-17 Cookie & Candy Elf SetCC09-17 Cookie & Candy Elf SetNEW FOR 2022!   The perfect elves to decorate your holiday kitchen. ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC09-18 Gingerbread Elf SetCC09-18 Gingerbread Elf SetNEW FOR 2022!  These Gingerbread Elves are perfect for your Christmas kitchen.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC09-19 Blue Coastal Elf SetCC09-19 Blue Coastal Elf SetNEW FOR 2022!  The perfect Elves for your Coastal decorating. ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC09-20 Pink Elf SetCC09-20 Pink Elf SetNEW FOR 2022!  Beautiful Pink Christmas Elves.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC09-21 Sage ElfCC09-21 Sage ElfNEW FOR 2022!  Sage Green Elves for your holiday decorating.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16 - 242 Sage SantaCC16 - 242 Sage SantaNEW FOR 2022!  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-234 Coastal Opulence with Staff SantaCC16-234 Coastal Opulence with Staff SantaNEW FOR 2022!  A stunning Coastal Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-235 Baking Memories SantaCC16-235 Baking Memories SantaNEW FOR 2022! "Let's Bake Some Memories" ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-236 Midnight Snacking with Wine SantaCC16-236 Midnight Snacking with Wine SantaNEW FOR 2022!  This Midnight Snacking Santa will make you smile.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-237 Home for the Holidays SantaCC16-237 Home for the Holidays SantaNEW FOR 2022!  "Home for the Holidays" says it perfectly.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-238 Lighted Peppermint & Goodies SantaCC16-238 Lighted Peppermint & Goodies SantaNEW FOR 2022!  Everyone wants Gingerbread and Peppermint goodies.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-239 Whimsical Gingerbread SantaCC16-239 Whimsical Gingerbread SantaNEW FOR 2022!  A whimsical Gingerbread Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-240 Lighted Strolling Santa & Mrs. ClauseCC16-240 Lighted Strolling Santa & Mrs. ClauseNEW FOR 2022!  The perfect Christmas couple.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-241 Jolly Chef SantaCC16-241 Jolly Chef SantaNEW FOR 2022!    This jolly chef Santa is perfect for your kitchen.****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-242a Sage SantaCC16-242a Sage SantaNEW FOR 2022!  A collectible Sage color Santa.****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-243 Coastal Mrs. ClauseCC16-243 Coastal Mrs. ClauseNEW FOR 2022!  A nautical Mrs. Clause.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-244 Lighted Merry and Bright SantaCC16-244 Lighted Merry and Bright SantaNEW FOR 2022!  Santa's Christmas stocking says "Merry and Bright".  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC16-248 Coastal Shell Swag SantaCC16-248 Coastal Shell Swag SantaNEW FOR 2022!  This Coastal Santa holds a nautical net.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC18-55 Lighted Midnight Blue SantaCC18-55 Lighted Midnight Blue SantaNEW FOR 2022!  A unique NAVY BLUE Christmas Santa!  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC18-56 Ocean Blue SantaCC18-56 Ocean Blue SantaAn Ocean Blue Santa for your seaside home. ****OUT OF STOCK****
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