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Category Products

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CC14-14 Lighted Merry Christmas SantaCC14-14 Lighted Merry Christmas SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A great sitting Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-247 Baking Cookies Santa ClausCC16-247 Baking Cookies Santa ClausA great Santa Chef for your kitchen.   ****OUT OF STOCK - AVAILABLE FALL 2024****
CC16-263 Lighted Traditional Tartan SantaCC16-263 Lighted Traditional Tartan SantaNEW FOR 2024! A fun traditional tartan Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-264 Lighted Sage Elegence SantaCC16-264 Lighted Sage Elegence SantaNEW FOR 2024!  An elegant jade and pearl designed Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-265 Lighted Snowy Days SantaCC16-265 Lighted Snowy Days SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A fun snowy winter design Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-266 Lighted Joyous Presence SantaCC16-266 Lighted Joyous Presence SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A beautiful spiritual Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-267 Lighted Sandstone Coastal SantaCC16-267 Lighted Sandstone Coastal SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A beautiful nautical designed Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-268 Ginger Snap SantaCC16-268 Ginger Snap SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A sparkly Santa to  to add to your kitchen decorations.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-269 Lighted Silver Pine SantaCC16-269 Lighted Silver Pine SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A rustic Santa for your outdoor theme.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-270 Lighted Christmas Joy Wine SantaCC16-270 Lighted Christmas Joy Wine SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A lighted "Joy" sign to celebrate the holidays.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-271 Glistening Forest SantaCC16-271 Glistening Forest SantaNEW FOR 2024!  An elegant forest themed Santa.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-272 Comfy Cozy Mrs. ClausCC16-272 Comfy Cozy Mrs. ClausNEW FOR 2024!  Mrs. Claus after a busy Christmas day.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC16-273 Lighted Mrs Claus's Goodie BakeryCC16-273 Lighted Mrs Claus's Goodie BakeryNEW FOR 2024!  The perfect Santa for your kitchen.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC18-83 Wine Barrel Cork Collection SantaCC18-83 Wine Barrel Cork Collection SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A great Cork Collection Santa. 
CC18-84 Lighted Wine Sommelier SantaCC18-84 Lighted Wine Sommelier SantaNEW FOR 2024!  This Santa is a great addition to your holiday decorating. 
CC18-85 Rose Gold Coastal SantaCC18-85 Rose Gold Coastal SantaNEW FOR 2024!  The perfect Santa for your seaside decorating.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC18-86 Mr. Gingerbread SantaCC18-86 Mr. Gingerbread SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A whimsical gingerbread Santa for your kitchen.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC18-87 Jeweled Chinoiserie SantaCC18-87 Jeweled Chinoiserie SantaNEW FOR 2024!  This Santa wears an elegant Royal Blue attire.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC18-88 Lighted Holly Jolly SantaCC18-88 Lighted Holly Jolly SantaNEW FOR 2024!  A beautiful Santa dressed in red.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
CC18-89 Golden Age SantaCC18-89 Golden Age SantaNEW FOR 2024!  This Golden Santa keeps track of the time.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2024****
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