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Karen Didion Collection

View the entire collection of Karen Didion collectibles: Santas, Elves, Everday Figures and Halloween Characters all in one location. We are sure you will enjoy the Crakewood Collection by Karen Didion.  These beautifully detailed items are perfect for your holiday decorating or to give that special friend or family member as a holiday gift.

CC09-04  3 Piece Traditional Elf AssortmentCC09-04 3 Piece Traditional Elf AssortmentEveryone will love these whimsical Christmas Elves.  
CC09-05 4 Piece Wine Elf SetCC09-05 4 Piece Wine Elf SetThese Elves are ready for holiday cheer!  NOTE:  The table is only for display.  
CC09-06 Letters to SantaCC09-06 Letters to SantaEveryone wants a letter from Santa.
CC09-09  4 Piece Traditional Elf AssortmentCC09-09 4 Piece Traditional Elf AssortmentA set of 4 Traditional Elves to complete your holiday decorating. ****OUT OF STOCK****
CC09-10  4  Piece Themed Elf AssortmentCC09-10 4 Piece Themed Elf AssortmentThis Themed Elf Assortment is a great holiday decoration.  ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC09-11 Special Delivery Girl and Boy Elf SetCC09-11 Special Delivery Girl and Boy Elf SetAn adorable Girl and Boy set of Elves.  NOTE:  They are NOT posable. 
CC09-12 Santa's Helpers Elf SetCC09-12 Santa's Helpers Elf SetThese smiling Elves are checking names on their gift list.  NOTE:  They are NOT posable. 
CC09-14 Green Check Girl and Boy Elf SetCC09-14 Green Check Girl and Boy Elf SetGirl and Boy Elves ready to deliver Gingerbread Cookies.  NOTE:  They are NOT posable. 
CC09-17 Cookie & Candy Elf SetCC09-17 Cookie & Candy Elf SetNEW FOR 2022!   The perfect elves to decorate your holiday kitchen. ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC09-18 Gingerbread Elf SetCC09-18 Gingerbread Elf SetNEW FOR 2022!  These Gingerbread Elves are perfect for your Christmas kitchen.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC09-19 Blue Coastal Elf SetCC09-19 Blue Coastal Elf SetNEW FOR 2022!  The perfect Elves for your Coastal decorating. ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC09-20 Pink Elf SetCC09-20 Pink Elf SetNEW FOR 2022!  Beautiful Pink Christmas Elves.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC09-21 Sage ElfCC09-21 Sage ElfNEW FOR 2022!  Sage Green Elves for your holiday decorating.  ****AVAILABLE SUMMER 2022****
CC12-10 Beer Barrel SantaCC12-10 Beer Barrel SantaThe perfect Santa for your beer lover!
CC12-23 Snowman SantaCC12-23 Snowman SantaA fun winter Santa. ****EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY****
CC12-25 Christmas Surprise SantaCC12-25 Christmas Surprise SantaSanta Clause is ready to deliver Christmas gifts.  
CC12-27 Fire Chief SantaCC12-27 Fire Chief SantaThis Fire Chief Santa is definitely a collectors piece.
CC12-30 Stocking SantaCC12-30 Stocking SantaA traditional Santa for the young and old.  
CC12-31 Kitchen SantaCC12-31 Kitchen SantaA fun Kitchen Chef Santa. 
CC12-33 Wine SantaCC12-33 Wine SantaA fun Santa to decorate your bar and/or kitchen. 
CC12-34 Garden SantaCC12-34 Garden SantaA whimsical Santa for the gardener. 
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